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Design and development . The Bibi was designed and manufactured by Beneš-Mráz, developed from the Beta-Minor design. The Bibi was a lighter, smaller aircraft in which the seats were side-by-side instead of in tandem, and the cockpits were fully enclosed, retaining the Beta-Minor's cantilever ...

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About a dozen seem to have been built between 1936 and 1939 by a company formed by Pavel Benes and Jaroslav Mraz. They also built a slightly larger, tandem two-seater monoplane, the Beta-Minor which is similar to a Magister.

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Benes-Mraz Be-550 Bibi & VEF Irbitis I-12 Kora 1/72 scale resin kits. Anders reviewed these two kits in Bent throttles (see BT #30 May 2004 in the BT section for the racer version OK-BET of this kit [red]), and liked them, so when I was able to get them for a decent price I didn’t hesitate.

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OK-AAW: 0000 Benes-Mraz M1C Sokol: 116: 1: Czech Republic: OK-AAX: 0000 Benes-Mraz M.1C Sokol: 113: 1: Czech Republic: OK-BHA: 1947 Benes-Mraz M.1C Sokol: 112: 1: Czech Republic OK-BHD: 1946 Benes-Mraz M.1C Sokol: 110: 0: 3: Czech Republic OK-CSR: 0000 Benes-Mraz M1.C Sokol: 146: 1: 2: Czech ...

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Type sheet: bem52. Benes-Mraz Be 52 Beta Major Aerobatics- and training aircraft, Czech Republic, 1936 [Technical Data] [Expo/Images] - [General Aviation 1919-1938] [Trainer 1919-1938]

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Benes-Mraz M.1C Sokol landing at the Hahnweide Oldtimers Meet 2011. The Mráz M.1 Sokol (Czech: "Falcon") was a light aircraft built in Czechoslovakia in the years following the end of the Second World War. Designed in secret by Zdeněk Rublič at the Beneš-Mráz factory ...

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It's a Benes-Mraz M.1D Sokol. The type was produced post-war in Czechoslovakia, and some found their way abroad, both for civilian and military operators.

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The Benes-Mraz Be-555-1 "Superbibi" is the 1938 final version of a sports twin seater developped in Czechoslovakia during the mid thirties. We have quite an obscure subject here as I wasn't able to find a single picture of this aircraft, other than the one on the Legato kit box.

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1/72 Benes-Mraz kits 1/72 Benes-Mraz models 1/72 Benes-Mraz scale models 1/72 Benes-Mraz list 1/72 Benes-Mraz listing 1/72 Benes-Mraz catalogue 1/72 Benes-Mraz Census 1/72 Mraz kits 1/72 Mraz models 1/72 Mraz scale models 1/72 Mraz list 1/72 Mraz listing 1/72 Mraz catalogue 1/72 Mraz Census 1/72 ...

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Benes-Mraz M-1C Sokol. Does anyone out there know of any decent scale drawings for the Benes-Mraz M-1C Sokol? If you aren't familiar with it, here is a picture: ...

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Benes-Mraz Be-50 Beta-Minor Light Airplane Kiln Dry Mahogany Wood Model Small... Description... This Model Spacecraft is a Pre-Sale Item, still being produced by our highly gifted artists, painters and aerosculptors.

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Benes-Mraz Sokol Aircraft images. The worlds largest online aviation stock photo library. browse pictures of Benes-Mraz airplanes on

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Benes-Mraz Be-550 Bibi. The Beneš-Mráz Bibi was a 1930s Czechoslovakian two-seat touring aircraft. Images View all Images in thread. Views: 22; Last edited by davidterrell80; May 26, 2014 at 07:37 PM. Sign up now. to remove ads between posts. Return ...

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Benes-Mraz Be.60 Bestiola

Sports Aircraft, Czech Republic, 1935 Engine: Walter Mikron II, 47 hp Length: 21.818 ft / 6.65 m Wingspan: 36.745 ft / 11.2 m Wing area: 163.613 sqft / 15.2 sq.m

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Civil Aircraft Register - Czechoslavakia

Benes-Mraz Be-60 Bestiola: OK-AVW: OK-AVX: Aero AB-11: 79: OK-AVX: Aeroklub Vysokoskolskeho Sportu/Prague: 00.05.35: 362: OK-AVZ: Avia BK-11: 18: OK-AVZ: Aeroklub Vysokoskolskeho Sportu/Prague: 00.06.34: 325: OK-AWA: Avia B-122: 8: OK-AWA: Aeroklub RCS/Prague: 25.07.35: 499: OK-AWB:

Benes-Mraz Be.52 Beta Major

Benes-Mraz Be.52 Beta Major. Aerobatics and training aircraft, Czech Republic, 1936 Engine: Walter Major IV, 95 hp Length: 23.163 ft / 7.06 m Wingspan: 34.974 ft / 10.66 m

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Benes Mraz Be.50 Beta Minor aircraft power 1 x 90 HP, wingspan 11.42 m, length 7.85 m, wing area 15.25 m 2 , weight 480 kg, engine 1 Walter Minor 4-I, maximum speed 205 km/h.

Image of the Benes Mraz Be.550 Bibi | G-AGSR - Wing's Palette

Be-550, serial number 2, flew out in 1939 to Great Britain. It preserved there for all the war, and after the overhaul in 1947 it was being used for transport purposes as G-AGSR.

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The Beneš-Mráz Be-50 Beta-Minor was a light airplane manufactured in Czechoslovakia shortly before World War II. Flag Topic. Merge with ... /wikipedia/en/Benes-Mraz_Beta-Minor; Edit; Delete /en/bene_mraz_beta_minor; Edit; Delete /wikipedia/fr/Bene$0161-Mr$00E1z_Be-150; Edit;

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The Beneš-Mráz Be-60 Bestiola was a Czechoslovakian light aircraft produced in the 1930s. The highwing monoplane had two side-by-side seats in an enclosed cabin, braced wings, and a fixed undercarriage.

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Benes-Mraz Sokol (Captured: November 2nd 1956) ID; General Description; Type: Trainer: Manufacturing Country: Czechoslovakia: Dimensions: Wingspan - 10 meters, Length - 7.35 meters, Height - 2.20 meters: Performance:

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/wikipedia/nl/Benes-Mraz_Be-252_Beta-Scolar; Edit; Delete /wikipedia/en/Bene$0161-Mr$00E1z_Beta-Scolar; Edit; ... Based on the Beneš-Mráz Beta-Minor, it had a structure considerably strengthened for aerobatics and a more powerful radial engine in place of the Beta-Minor's inline engine.